Fat Cavitation Body Sculpting, RF Treatments & Packs 



The Ultrasound Fat Cavitation treatment is semi pain free, faster and a less invasive liposuction alternative that uses ultrasonic waves that separate fat cells for the removal from the body. It works by eliminating fat and toxins via the lymphatic and urinary systems.  

The high tech new age machine I use has RF which is amazing for skin tightening, Brightening and whitening. This means unlike other treatments on the market you will NOT be left with sagging skin from your treatment it works to tighten the area whilst breaking down the fatty tissue.

The body requires three to five days to properly eliminate the fat and toxins so I recommend waiting at least 5 days in between treatments. Generally you will require at least 6-10 treatments to see results sometimes more or less depending on life style factors such as diet and exercise, your goals ie how much weight you want to lose or area's you want to sculpt and also complying with the after care instructions which you will be provided with and must comply with to achieve the best results. Please Note: This treatment can not be done whilst pregnant or breastfeeding. Packs can not be transferred or redeemed for cash once paid. 


Most common areas are

  • Stomach which includes the full stomach and sides to give that hour glass shape 

  • Back which include full back and sides again to give you that hour glass shape

  • Back of legs which include under the bottom and side to back of knee

  • Arms no more tuck shop lady arms

  • Front of Legs down to knee including sides

  • Can do Buttocks to remove cellulite and or fat different heads are used if you do not wish to brake down fat but do want to smooth out lumps.

  • RF face treatments can also be done with a different head for skin tightening only. 

Things to know Before and After your treatment

Do not eat 1 before or after treatment. It is recommended to drink up  to one  liter of water after your session. No spicy food or seafood few day after.  

Slight bruises can occur but will only last a few days

Frequent Urination to disperse broken down fat tissue can occur the day of treatment and can last a few days (this is a good sign)

Some people can experience slight feelings of sickness due to the release of  toxins leaving the body.

All of these are normal and symptoms will only last a few days. T&C apply on all Fat Cavitation treatments.