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Eyebrow Tattooing, Gold Coast Studio

Eye brow tattooing is a growing trend and shows no sign of slowing down in demand
Long gone are the eyebrow tattoos from the 80's and 90's that were performed by regular tattoo artists using ink -  You ended up with fuzzy outlines and permanent brows with nothing natural looking about the end result.
Today's cosmetic tattooing is now a a cosmetic procedure that the client can be confident of getting a natural looking brow that will last from 2 years to 5 years
Eyebrow tattoos are also known as microblading or brow feathering and is performed by creating tiny hairlike etches in the skin and then pigments are delivered into them to resemble hairs.  
The other eyebrow tattoo technique  that we perform is called Ombré  Powder Brows
This technique is done with a  machine that uses needles to disperse fine dots of pigment into the skin to create a shading effect. This creates a more defined or fuller looking eyebrow​.
Combining the 2 eyebrow tattoo techniques is something that we can also do so you can have a custom eyebrow that will perfectly suit you.
How long do eyebrow tattoos last?
Today's microblading technique gives you semi permanent eyebrows that will 12 to 36 months before they start to fade. After the first eyebrow treatment, a touch up is required four to six weeks later. Ombré  Powder Brows will typically last longer than micro blade or feather brows as a more concentrated amount of pigment is delivered into the brow area. Fading can also be influenced by sun exposure, using retinoids ,using hydroxy acids and some auto immune conditions such as diabetes can also be an influence on how long the results last for

How much do eyebrow tattoo cost?
Our brows start at  - Click here to our online booking form to see the prices of all our brow techniques
Is it painful?
Our proprietary numbing gel will be applied to the eyebrow area, so it should be a painless procedure for most people. Our clients are astounded that there is no little pain and do relax during the tattoo procedure.

Eyebrow tattoo aftercare
When you first get your eyebrows tattooed the look is darker and bolder than the result you were aiming for...DO NOT PANIC. Yes you may look a little overdone but this fades quickly and by the second they will start to fade. By the end of the week and swelling will have gone down and up to 70% of excess pigment will have diminished. This is why a touch up is so important in the 4 to 6 weeks afterwards so that any adjustments can be made for colour depth and brow symmetry.

Some skin types may need a soothing balm on the brow area if your skin tends to get dry and itchy. Oily skins will not require this . Protecting the brow area is needed when showering for the first week and also avoiding excess sweating. You want to avoid anything that could 'blur' the outline of your freshly done brows. And moisturises and serums should also be avoided for the same reason.


Who can have the technique
If you are not happy with your eyebrows  - then you are likely a suitable candidate
The procedure is relatively safe and is suitable for most people and even people undergoing chemo ( with Dr's permission) or who have alopecia can have the procedure done.
Care should be taken with people who have allergic reactions. They will need to research the type of pigment being used and what are the ingredinets that they react to. a small patch test can also be performed if needed.
Eyebrow tattooing is not advised while pregnant or breastfeeding due to the infection risk, and the fact that due to the skin being more susceptible to pigment darkening during this time.


How Much Does Eyebrow Tattooing Cost?

Caring For Your New Eyebrows.

Is Eyebrow Tattooing Suitable For Me? 

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