Everything On Fleek is the Gold Coast's Cosmetic Tattooing Beauty Destination With A Difference

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Fat Cavitation Gold Coast and Gold Coast Eyebrow Tattooing  Expert

Everything On Fleek is the Gold Coast's cosmetic tattooing beauty destination with a difference

Jess Abbott is the owner and operator with her home based professional clinic in Main Beach on the Gold Coast

Specialising in:

  • Eyebrows - Microblading and Ombré  Powder Brows​

  • Lip Tattoos - Outlines and full lip colour​

  • Cosmetic Tattoos - Freckles and Lips​

  • Fat Cavitation - Using ultrasound cavitation and Radio Frequency for Dispersing cellulite, firming skin and brightening the skin​

  • Spray Tans - Gorgeous year round tans​


Jessica Abbott

Jess is a qualified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist specialising in Brows and Lips. She has been in the industry for 5 years and absolutely loves her Job and takes pride in everything she does. 


She has completed the latest Micro blading and Ombre` Powder Brow courses to be able to perfectly sculpt any brow with the latest fashion trends so that your new brows are totally ON FLEEK!!!! 

She also is the master in Fat Cavitation Body Sculpting, using the latest state of the art touch screen Sculpting Machine to remove fat and tighten skin. 

Overall Jess loves to see her clients happy and getting the results her clients want. Message her today to ask any question you might have about any of her procedures.

Painfree Results ​For Her Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures

Eyebrow Tattoos​

Questions People Ask About Eyebrow Tattooing​

What is the average cost of eyebrow tattooing?​

What is the difference between microblading and tattooing?​

Are tattooed eyebrows permanent?​

Do you remove my existing eyebrows?​

Fat Cavitation or Ultrasonic Cavitation​

Want firmer, tighter looking Skin?​

Fat Cav can give you incredible results in as little as 2 sessions​

Each session goes for 40 mins and results are noticeable the next day.​

Are you going on a holiday and cringe at the thought of having dimpled thighs on display??​

Book in for a series of 6 sessions and have slimmer legs with smoother and brighter skin​

Cosmetic Tattoos​ and Permanent Makeup

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No ugly unnatural lines or outlines with modern permanent makeup techniques that Jess uses​

Her lip tattoos are in high demand with guys and girls wanting fuller looking lips WITHOUT the need for lip fillers and the unnatural looking pouts that we want to avoid.​

If you are over the age of 40, you may have noticed that your lips are starting to thin in size and become uneven in shape.​

Jess can correct your lips painfee and in a couple of hours.​

Have your lip shape corrected with just the lip outline or have some lip colour deposited into the lips for a beautiful natural looking lip tone.​

You may have heard how painful lip work is and you are right!!​

Lip procedures are incredibly painful. When Jess had her own lips tattooed without her numbing gel - She had to stop the treatment as it was too painful to continue.​

She now only offers lip work because she knows she gets beautiful results without the pain that she herself has experienced.
You will not find any Gold Coast cosmetic tattooing clinic able to offer painfree beautiful lips like what Jess can give to.
Do not go though unnecessary pain. Have beautiful lips that look and feel natural.

Freckles - They are back in vogue. Have a scatter of freckles across your nose or add a beauty mark.​

The results last from 12 -24 months and you will love the look. ​

Spray Tanning

Have a gorgeous all year round natural looking tan. Click here to read more about our Spray tans

Jess uses the best brands and will give you a show stopping tan that develops in 2 hours.​

Tie in your tan with her Fat Cavitation treatments for skin that has never looked so even and smooth

Questions People Ask About Fat Cavitation​

What is fat cavitation and how does it work?​

 It is also called ultrasound cavitation. It is a body treatment that removes unwanted fat deposits that do not shift with diet and exercise, by using low-frequency sound waves these dissolve the fat cells using heat and vibration. Radio Frequency is also used and this tightens the skin creating a firmer and brighter looking surface.​

How Long Does Cavitation Last?​

A  fat cavitation session lasts forty minutes on each area of the body.  Allow 72 hours between sessions to give the body time to eliminate the liquefied fat cells  For the best fat reduction results, between six and ten sessions is recommended.​

How Long Do The Results Last

Results are permanent if you maintain the results with diet and exercise. If you regain weight the body will use the existing dormant fat cells to store fat again


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